The best compact digital Waterproof Camera cameras from 2018


Do you go on vacation to the beach? Do you plan to dive? Do you want a submersible digital camera (waterproof)? Do you need a water camera to record your dives in 2018? We are going to recommend a few models of submersible cameras that are quite cheap (others not so much). You will not go back into the water without them for fear of losing your life’s photo.

We are going to recommend you which are the best digital water cameras, those models that we can take to the beach without problem and put in the water to quite decent depths. And we are not talking about the GoPro, we are talking about submersible photo cameras, whose main function is to take photographs. The GoPro HERO cameras are very good if you only want to record video, but to take pictures there are better options.

And if there’s something good about these submersible cameras, it’s that they can last you a long, long time. The only commitment you will have to accept is to be able to take photos in somewhat more compromised situations and that your zoom range is below average.

What price do underwater cameras have?
They are becoming more affordable, but you have to be clear that there are models that can cost more than 300 euros. This type of photo cameras have very good features such as WIFI, GPS, are resistant to shock and submersible at a great depth, so you have to evaluate very well so that you will use them:

Are you going to get alone on the shore of the beach? Are you going to do scuba diving? Is it a camera for the pool and for the whole family? Depending on the answers, you should choose one model or another. Do not waste your money like crazy. At the end of the entrance we recommend a few very, very cheap submersible cameras.

What characteristics do we have to look for in submersible cameras?
Depth that supports: obvious. We have to think to what depth we are going to submerge and buy a camera that supports it. 10 meters is a depth more than reasonable in most cases, unless you go diving.
Resistance to temperature: Temperature? But it’s hot in summer! Already, but as you go deeper and deeper into the water, the temperature drops considerably unless you go to the Caribbean … At least it should withstand -10ºC.
Video recording: you may want a camera of this style to record video more than to take pictures, right? Make sure you have a good image stabilizer and that the resolution of the video is Full HD.
Other features to consider: WIGI connectivity, GPS, Flash, USB port, good LCD screen on the back, different ways of taking pictures etc …


Brand waterproof photo cameras that give good results?

You will not go wrong with the brands of a lifetime: Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm or Olympus. Their models of water cameras improve year after year, and the truth is that their prices are not very high in most cases.

If you want a perfect model for divers, you will not go wrong with any of the GoPro HERO models, especially if you want to record an excellent video under water.

The best water photo cameras of 2018: submersible cameras perfect for taking pictures

1.-The best water cameras: Canon PowerShot D30

You can dive to a respectable depth of 25 meters with the PowerShot D30 making it perfect for diving. Its design is ergonomic and its controls are large so it is very easy to use this camera under water even with gloves. The 3-inch LCD screen is also really good. However, the rest of the specifications of the D30 are more normal and, unlike the Olympus TG-3 or the Panasonic FT5, it is not approved for hits or has Wi-Fi. The noise in the image becomes visible at ISO 400.

Conclusion: Resistant to water, but will not win any prize for its image quality. An old camera that continues to give war.

2.-The best water cameras: Fujifilm FinePix XP120

One of the cheapest submersible cameras of which we will see and still, is capable of holding up to 20 meters deep and resists falls of up to 1.75 meters. It is also resistant to dust and cold. Its 16.4MP sensor works well in good light, but it loses indoors, at which time a lot of noise starts to appear. It is not made for adventurers, but for families who enjoy taking pictures on the beach or in the water. It has many filters, WIFI, but does not have GPS.

It has a 3 “screen, optical stabilizer, Full HD video, Wifi). It offers the new Cinemagraph mode, producing still images with mobile elements.

Conclusion: excellent price sacrificing some things. The perfect camera for a family.

3.-The best water cameras: Nikon Coolpix W300

It has some really spectacular features. Your GPS system is exceptional. It has an interactive world map and WIFI connectivity, as well as altimeter and depth gauge. We will also find a really good battery life of 280 shots. It can be submerged to 30 meters, resist falls from 2 meters and temperatures of -10ºC. It can record video in 4K and has many recording modes. The photos suffer with low light and do not have full manual control.

Conclusion: Excellent camera that only needs to get sharper images. Perfect to dive deep.

4.-The best water cameras: Olympus Tough TG-5

A worthy successor to the Olympus TG-3 and the TG-4 with many improvements. It is capable of taking photos in RAW format, has WIFI, GPS and records video in 4K or slow motion in 120fps and full-HD. We will also find an electronic compass and depth and pressure gauges. It can be submerged up to 15 meters and it can stand up to -10ºC, falls from 2.1 meters in height and compression up to 100 kg. Its controls are very well designed, it is very ergonomic. Its sensor is 16MP. It also has some interesting macro modes and exposure compensation of the flash. You also have a large number of accessories available such as covers to a LED guide light, flashes, fish-eye or TV converters or a waterproof case

Conclusion: a camera that is worth it, with excellent features. If you can afford it, it is the best option as a water camera.

5.-The best water chambers: Panasonic DMC-FT5

An excellent camera that has been around for a while now and is still as good. Its 16.1MP sensor provides us with very detailed images and maintains impressive clarity up to ISO 1600. A Leica 4.6x lens offers a focal range of 28-128mm, and has an optical image stabilizer. It can be submerged at 13 meters, it resists falls of 2 m, and up to -10 ° C or a pressure of 100 kg. It has GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC

Conclusion: A good choice if you can not buy the Olympus TG-4 or TG-5. Possibly the second best option as a submersible camera.

6.-The best water cameras: GoPro HERO 2018

2-inch touch screen
Resistant and submersible up to 10 m
Voice control
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Photos at 10MP
Video at 1440p60 / 1080p60
Presented in March 2018, the GoPro Hero to dry, with 10 MP for photos, 1080p video, resistant and submersible up to 10m without casing, 2 “touch screen, voice control, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. It is the cheapest model of the GoPro range, and a very interesting adventure camera if you only want to dive at a shallow depth. It does not have recording in slo-mo to 4K (the maximum recording is at 1440p60 / 1080p60). It does not have GPS. It has digital video stabilization and comes with an Ambarella chip.

Conclusion: A good choice if you just want to play a little under the water and drink



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