Opinions about Baby One

Opinions about BabyBjörn One

For its four positions, both chest and back, it is a very versatile baby carrier that can be used to carry your baby from its first days of life until it reaches three years, or exceeds 15 kilos of weight.

Main disadvantage

The use of the baby carrier requires a certain amount of learning and some adjustments, especially in the first set-ups, although the instructions facilitate this process.

BabyBjörn One baby carrier is one of the most versatile on the market, which grows with your baby and allows you to have it always close but safely and without worrying about anything. Its design is totally adaptable and thanks to the quality of its materials you will always have the security that your child is almost as safe as in your arms. It is the good thing to have the best baby carrier according to consumers.


User’s age

When we look for products for our children it is always better to choose those that offer a wide range of age, sizes and sizes, so that we can take advantage of them for a longer time. The baby carrier BabyBjörn One is designed to carry your baby from the first days of his life until he reaches three years and exceeds fifteen kilos of weight, whichever occurs first. For each of these phases the baby carrier is adapted so that from 5 months you can take it in the chest forward and from 12 months you can take it to the back. As your baby grows the baby carrier accompanies you adapting to give you the best protection and comfort.

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Ergonomics is key when choosing a baby carrier. In the case of the baby carrier BabyBjörn One its design is designed to fit like a glove to your body, so that the use is comfortable and natural. This is helped by elements such as the adjustment straps, very simple to use or the padded belt that helps distribute the weight along the back, avoiding discomfort. As for your baby you can have the peace of mind that he will always be in a correct position, whether you decide to carry him with his chest or if you prefer to carry him on his back. BabyBjörn One baby carrier allows you to adjust the design depending on the age of your child and grows at the same speed, so that you will always have a safe and correct support until it exceeds the range of use of this baby carrier. (3 years or 15 kilos)

Materials and finishes

The baby carrier BabyBjörn One is made mainly of high quality cotton, free of harmful substances and dangerous chemicals, so as to reduce the risks of chafing and skin problems arising from the use of the baby carrier. On the other hand, both the buckles and the fittings and the adjustment strips are made of high quality materials that guarantee maximum safety for you and your baby as well as a perfect fit at all times. In addition, the most sensitive fastening areas are protected to avoid friction or snagging, both when carrying on the back and in front. As a guarantee of safety this baby carrier complies with the most demanding European and American safety standards, being specifically certified under the EN13209-2: 2005 and ASTM F2236 standards.

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