The Body Building Revealed Nutrition Manual

The Body Building Revealed Nutrition Manual

Trying to gain mass and strength? You need more calories when trying to gain mass, but what macro nutrient ratios are best? How do you figure out appropriate calories for you? How much protein? What type of carbohydrates? Low fat or high? How does one answer those questions so they can optimize muscle and minimize fat gains? What does the science support vs. gym advice? This section answers those questions fully using the actual science that exists, vs. the “bro science” so commonly given. Follow the guidelines in this section and take all the guess work out of your mass gaining nutrition

When your focus is on improving body composition vs. gaining overall mass quickly, many find a higher protein intake is the most effective method. The high protein/Body Recomp nutrition plan is the best choice for the more

advanced person now looking to “tweak” their nutrition in favor of improving their body composition by the strategic and intelligent shift to a higher protein diet that favors muscle mass over bodyfat. This requires knowing the appropriate shift in macro nutrient ratios and calorie adjustments to create the proper metabolic environment that will slowly alter body composition in a favorable direction that favors lean tissue over adipose (fat) tissue.

Having the essential nutritional info you need to get the body you want is great to be sure, but hands on guide to exactly what to buy when you’re at the grocery store is even better! This section of BBR gives you an exact list of what you need to purchase while food shopping. No guess work here, just an easy to follow list of foods that will meet your nutritional requirements for gaining muscle and strength while improving your overall health. This guide makes shopping easy and will fit perfectly with your mass gaining diet plan or High protein plan.

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