The Body Building Revealed Training Manual

The Body Building Revealed Training Manual

Whether you’re a beginner, or at an intermediate to advanced level, the BBR program has you covered with specific and separate programs for each level you’re at. For those with less than 6 months training under their belt and limited time to go to the gym, the beginner workouts are perfect for developing the essential foundation for priming your body to take to the next levels in minimum time.

For those with at least 6 month of steady training, the intermediate program will introduce you to the proper way of setting body part splits allowing both more volume and more recoup time for each body part trained. The correct body part splits improves efficiency and time spent in the gym while reducing the potential for injuries and over use syndromes so common to programs not properly designed.

Finally, the Advanced programs will cover the real science of resistance training few in the gym ever learn, and why most fail to make continued progress. By Learning and applying correctly concepts such as periodization, volume, loading, time under tension (TUT), rest periods, intensity, de loading, and others are applied to the programming to optimize time spent in the gym, continued progress in strength, muscle mass, and performance can be achieved. Those who do not learn and apply these concepts, are doomed to make limited short lived progress.

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