What are the best Chicco baby carriers backpacks of 2017?

The contact of the parents with their baby, mainly the first months of life, is very important. It is essential to have a baby carriage system that allows parents to do all kinds of walks and outings with their child in their arms, without renouncing direct and full contact with the child.

The systems of carrying the baby have become very useful when going out with our little one. These are the well-known baby backpacks, a great solution for modern parents. Baby backpacks are a safe and very comfortable device for children and they will always be close to their mother or father, just when they need it most. These ingenious backpacks strengthen the bond between parents and children.

Some backpacks are designed to transport the baby from birth, however if the child weighs less than 3.5 kilos, its use is not advisable. The best position to take the baby is looking at their parents, at least the first 6 months. After this time, when your head is firmly held, you can put it forward, as long as the backpack is perfectly designed for it.

A baby carrier will always be a great help. When choosing one, you must take into account that it is an ergonomic backpack, comfortable, safe, easy to put on and take off; In addition, it is made of breathable and easy to wash material. That has wide and padded strips for the shoulders of the carrier, adjustable in size and that guarantees a correct support to avoid muscle aches. They must be made of a fabric appropriate to the climate where you live.

We have chosen the Chicco brand. A firm founded in 1958 by Cavaliere del Lavoro in Lombardy Italy. Chicco has a presence in more than 120 countries, plus 150 stores in Italy and another 160 stores in the rest of the world. Its products are aimed at pregnant mothers and babies. The business covers: products for pregnancy and lactation, hygiene and protection for the baby, food, relaxation and sleep, accessories for home and travel, clothing, play, shoes and boots.

If in your comparison you have not yet decided on a baby carrier, pay attention to the following models, any of them could be a good purchase option.

Recommended Products

Chicco Go Moon

This magnificent Chicco pouch is an excellent option to take your little one for a walk, during the first months of life. It is light, practical and sporty. It offers two comfortable positions for transport and two different heights, to ensure the correct position of the baby. This backpack is perfectly adapted to the child’s body, thanks to its double lateral regulation system. It is quilted, cozy and breathable.


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You will have your little one always attached to your body, strengthening the paternal bonds. You can take your child facing mom / dad until the 4th month or when he can hold his head and then you can take it to the street, so you can watch and enjoy the ride. It is recommended up to 9 kilos of weight.

The baby carrier Chicco Go Moon, has padded legrest openings, which provide ergonomics, comfort and the correct support of the legs of the baby. It is made of breathable gray fabric and its padded straps offer comfort to parents. It has a weight of 590 grams and measures 15 x 28 x 41 cm. It is very useful and comfortable for both the child and the parents.

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