What are the best Manduca baby carriers backpacks of 2017?

In contrast to the traditional trolleys and baby carriages, the Manduca baby carrier backpacks have become an attractive alternative, both for the simplification of the carrying process and for the comfort and attachment that gives your little body to your body. But for you to do it properly is necessary to have quality models, such as what we present in our comparison Manduca baby carriers backpacks, accompanied by some tips that, within the overall quality of this brand, will surely help you to Buy be a success.

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We started talking about the ability to use. It is not the same to carry a baby than a 3-year-old child. For them you must verify that the capacity of use of the backpack chosen is within the parameters you need. And if you can also find a model whose life is longer you can surely use the product for longer before your little one decides to put it aside.

As a second issue we have to talk about design and its security. Good safety is key both to avoid accidents and so that the child can be comfortable when moving. For this we must have adjustable closure systems, which help you to place your little one as you wish and in case of failure do not pose a risk, by having adequate backup systems.

Finally we will talk about comfort. A comfort that begins with the adjustment itself, which should always be carried out comfortably both on the shoulders and on the back. This comfort also depends on the padding of the product, which should be suitable for the maximum weight of the child you are going to carry. And do not forget to look for the waist protectors, necessary for adequate comfort and a comfortable distribution of that weight.

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Recommended Products


1-manduca-backpack-baby carrier This backpack is designed to carry your little one almost from birth, until you reach a weight of 20 kilos, approximately at 4 years.

For this, it incorporates an adjustable clamping system, so that you can adapt the weight effectively to your back without any problem obtaining adequate comfort.

For greater security, it includes elements such as a reversible top part or a pleasant interior with a reducer that allows your small trip to always be safe. And thanks to its light weight, which barely reaches the kilo, this model does not add more load to your back than necessary, although obviously you can also take it to the front, depending on the size and size of your baby.
Buy on Amazon – Price (€ 99.95)

Manduca 222-03-80-000

2-manduca-222-03-80-000This product is manufactured entirely in organic cotton specially selected for the brand, so its weight is reduced to only 800 grams, although with a totally safe and resistant system to carry your little.

This system has the exclusive anchor of three points, own of Manduca, with which to be able to keep your baby always subject without you having to worry about the failure of one of them, maintaining the maximum security of the displacement.

A security that helps elements such as your inner pillow, which allows you to better accommodate your baby in the early stages, as well as a support for the neck that better accommodates travel. All this in a product free of contaminants, such as its metallic elements, manufactured integrally in material 100% free of nickel and other harmful components.
Buy on Amazon – Price (€ 98.45)

Manduca Newstyle

3-backpack-portabebes-manduca-newstyleThe model MANDUCA NEWSTYLE includes a different design, very urban, in an elegant shade of red with a particularly resistant padding, designed to give you more comfort when it comes to take your little one. A small that can travel by your side from birth to an approximate weight of 20 kilos, both in front and rear position.

This product follows the line of Manduca, which prevents the hanging of the feet and possible damage to the child, offering a comfortable and adjustable system to maintain adequate safety during travel.


The system of lateral closures allows to maintain the adequate comfort or adjustment during the displacement while the support for the waist distributes better the weight, reducing problems such as the back pains due to an inadequate distribution of the same.

All this in a quality material and very easy to wash, so that your backpack is always in perfect condition with little effort.

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